Declined Purchases

Why was my purchase not approved by Postpay?

Postpay’s aim is to support ethical & sensible spending habits. We understand that it can be frustrating to be declined, even after being approved in the past.

However, Postpay’s approval process helps us responsibly offer credit to customers. On that note, we are unable to change the final automated outcome of the approval decision.

Here are a few reasons as to why you may be getting denied:

  • Too many ongoing installment plans.

    Postpay will inform you when you are rejected due to too many ongoing installment plans. You will have to pay off one of the existing plans first. This may be done ahead of the due date or you may wait until the system automatically deducts the amount on the due date itself.

  • Unpaid Installments.

    If you have any overdue installments, the system will not allow you to complete another installment plan. In order to complete another installment plan, you must have no overdue installments.

  • International Cards.

    We currently do not accept International Cards for our ‘Pay in 3’ solution. However, we are working constantly to increase coverage.

  • Insufficient Funds.

    Please make sure the card you are using has sufficient funds or in the case that it is a credit card, that the limit spent has not been exceeded.

  • Frozen Customers.

    Trying to complete the purchase several times after getting denied may result in your account being suspended. Please try again within 30 days.

Good to know:
  • Each purchase is a new decision. Getting denied for a purchase does not mean your purchases will always get denied.

  • Getting denied by the system will not affect your credit score. (Etihad Credit Bureau/SIMAH)

  • The automated approval decision is based on several internal factors.