We strive to empower you, our customers and we are committed to helping you spend responsibly. As our customers, you are at the core of our offering and in addition to not charging you interest or fees we also aim to ensure you use Postpay in a responsible and sustainable way. Since you are fully in control of how you use Postpay, here are some key guidelines:

  • Do not purchase what you cannot truly afford

    Postpay is aimed at facilitating those immediate purchases that you can afford. If you know you that you will not afford to repay the instalments then it would be advisable to only purchase what you can truly afford today.

  • It is always better to settle your account earlier

    Our product is straightforward, buy now and pay in four instalments fortnightly (every two weeks). You can always settle your account earlier at absolutely no extra cost. If you are able to settle your account earlier then do so to minimize the risk that you cannot make these repayments later.

  • Keep track of your instalments to ensure Postpay is always free

    Sign-in to your dashboard or check your emails regularly to ensure you are aware of when repayments are due. This way you ensure you have funds available on the payment method, alternatively, update your instalment with a new valid payment method to avoid late fees.

  • Get in touch if you need help

    We are truly committed to making sure you have a seamless customer experience. If you have any questions on how Postpay works then please visit our FAQs or contact our dedicated support team.