In this dynamic world it has become increasingly complicated to use financial services as a facility. Instead, these often result in complex management of interest-bearing products with mushrooming hidden fees. The core of Postpay’s inspiration derives from this problem.

Our purpose is to transform the existing retail status-quo by offering straightforward and accessible financial products to our customers, who are at the core of our offering, while simultaneously creating true value for our retail merchants. A generational shift has seen millennial shoppers shy away from traditional credit. In fact, the majority of credit is used as a matter of necessity rather than preference.

Our model is straightforward. We offer one very simple product which allows the customer to split their online payments into four equal parts seamlessly without leaving their online basket. The first instalment is processed immediately, and the customer receives their product as usual. The three remaining instalments are due fortnightly (every two weeks) thereafter. Most importantly the customer pays nothing more than the amount they were paying for their purchases, that is no interest and no fees, as long as all repayments are made on time.

There is strong alignment between our goals and those of our customers. We benefit most when our customers repay on time and increasingly return to Postpay. We do not benefit when our customers incur late fees nor if they do not return due to a less than perfect customer experience. Hence, we promote responsible spending not only through our communication but also through our product. New customers generally have lower spending limits which gradually increases as they repay on time.

We are building a community of young and dynamic Postpay customers who use our service to plan and budget. They benefit from our product as much as the retail merchants we partner with, who increase sales and conversion rates, repeat customers, and average order values all without any increased risk.